Little Mount:

picture of Little Mount Our Pre-School, aptly named 'Little Mount', was a welcome addition to the College in 2009 and now you can truly 'walk through life' with us as we take your child on a journey of self-discovery from the age of 4 to 18. Even at this young age we start moulding our future leaders.

Their spiritual development is already catered for and we enrich their lives through play and experiential learning activities. Even at such a young age we regularly go on outings and every child is taught the value of literacy and a love for literature is instilled in their young lives.

Foundation Phase: picture of Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase refers to Grade R to Grade 3. As the name implies, the Foundation Phase sees to the developmental needs of children. At the centre of the curriculum lies the holistic development of children and some basic skills. We promote equality of opportunity and values. One of the most important skills taught in this phase is swimming since the ability to swim can save your life.

According to Kholo, one of our Foundation Phase learners, he learnt in Grade R that 'God speaks all languages even spinach'. Even from this early age we encourage our learners to grow in their own faith. Our Catholic grade 3 learners are also given the opportunity to make their first Holy Communion.
Intermediate Phase:

picture of Intermediate Phase Our Intermediate Phase runs from Grade 4 through to Grade 7. During this phase our learners concentrate on enhancing their basic reading skills and assessment becomes more rigorous. In this welcoming and inviting section each learner is given the necessary personal attention whilst given the opportunity to learn through discovery. We foster a love for reading and creative thinking. Through the Edmund Rice Society children are given the opportunity to reach out to those who are less fortunate.

A number of our learners regularly obtain their provincial colours in a variety of our sporting codes.
High School:

picture of High School During Grade 8 through to Grade 12 each learner is given the opportunity to find their passion and grow their talents. We offer our Grade 8 and 9 learners the unique opportunity to already experience our Hospitality Studies Department.

In Grade 9 each learner writes an aptitude test at no extra cost and our two Educational Psychologists provide each learner with a report about their aptitude in relation to their subject choices.

picture of High School

Our Grade 10-12 learners may choose from the following subjects: During grade 10 and 11 our Catholic learners are also given the opportunity to be confirmed by the Arch Bishop.