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Coerver Coaching is known as the best way to teach soccer skills for over 30 years. The method was created by a famous coach named Wiel Coerver and has been used by famous football clubs and groups around the world. It has been recognized by FIFA for helping over 2 million people. Founded by Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cook in 1984, Coerver Coaching works in over 40 countries and helps to create confident and talented soccer players. In South Africa, Coerver Coaching arrived in 2013 and hires former professional players and sports graduates with both local and international experience to help players reach their full potential. The Performance Academy offers a weekly high-performance training opportunity for dedicated players in conjunction with their school or club commitments. Adidas is the global partner for Coerver Coaching and will be involved in providing unique development opportunities and exclusive access to premier clubs, both locally and internationally.



Music School

Music is an important part of our surroundings and we should study it because it’s part of our history. Music tells us how people have reacted to the world throughout time. Listening to music helps us understand the rich musical traditions passed down to us. Music allows us to express ourselves without using words and helps us become more emotionally mature.

Children respond to music intuitively. In order to broaden the quality of their responsiveness, understanding, skills and appreciation are taught through:

The Music Concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, texture, form and notation will be taught through:

Progress concerts are held for students of the above teachers to have performance practice in front of an audience in term three annually.


As the music department, we run various individual classes by hiring external teachers who are qualified to teach individual instruments to the children.

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CBC Mount Edmund offers Robotics classes for Grade 4 to Grade 7. Grade 4 robotics teaches kids to build a basic robot and do simple programming. In Grade 5, they learn programming and problem-solving skills for provincial-level robotics competitions. From Grade 6, learners focus on designing, building, and programming robots for World Robotics Olympia (WRO) challenges. Students with advanced skills can even do robotics football. The classes started in 2016 to inspire young learners and develop their interest in Robotics, Engineering & Programming. The Robotics curriculum is designed to fit their age group and understanding level.

Past Performance by CBC Mount Edmund:

Robots are becoming more important in education. They will be big in the future, so we need to get today’s students ready. Working with robots makes you better at solving problems in creative ways. It also makes learning more fun and lets students take charge of their own learning.

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